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Cloud Service To Help Chemical Mfg Manage Critical Business Processes

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Feb 23, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In the dynamic landscape of the chemical industry, where challenges are as diverse as planning co-products, adhering to regulatory compliance, and ensuring product quality, finding a comprehensive solution tailored to your unique needs is paramount. Infor CloudSuite Chemicals emerges as a powerful cloud service with the perfect blend of features specifically designed to address the intricacies of the chemical sector.

Unleashing the power of Infor CloudSuite Chemicals

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Independent Computer Consulting Group Bolsters Its Solution Offering For Process Manufacturing Businesses With Infor PLM For Process

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Feb 19, 2024 8:00:00 AM

By streamlining and enhancing product quality assurance processes and refining recipe management capabilities, this solution simplifies and centralizes the intricate operations inherent in process manufacturing, ensuring consistent excellence in product quality, compliance, and efficiency across the production lifecycle.

Philadelphia, PA – February 19, 2024 -- Independent Computer Consulting Group, Inc. (“ICCG”) is pleased to announce the addition of Infor PLM for Process (Optiva), a best-in-class PLM solution from Infor to help process manufacturers up their game for new product introductions adhere to required regulatory compliance and maintain highest standards of quality and safety for their consumer-grade products. This best-of-breed PLM solution enables new products to be developed quickly, using the best possible formula, all while maintaining full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Maximizing the value of R&D

Infor PLM for Process (Optiva®) is specifically designed for food, beverage, chemicals, and life science manufacturers and provides a unified product view of data and processes across organizations. It helps manufacturers easily achieve regulatory and labeling compliance—whether it’s meeting reporting requirements, complying with labeling laws, or supplying ingredient details.

Infor Optiva PLM streamlines processes for product development, material selection, formulation, and new product introductions. The solution is helping process manufacturers worldwide:

  • Deliver fast innovation. Companies using Infor PLM for Process can reduce the time to develop new products 50% or more by simplifying development processes, improving supply chain collaboration, and integrating product lifecycle management with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other core processes.
  • Optimize formulas. Infor PLM for Process delivers industry-leading capability for analyzing material cost, inventory, and manufacturing capacity to help process companies select the best formula for a given product. By optimizing product formulas, process companies can significantly reduce material costs and manufacture more efficiently.
  • Ensure 100% labeling compliance. Complying with label content requirements is critical to overall success for process companies. Infor PLM for Process provides the capabilities food and beverage, home and personal care, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical companies need to design and produce labels that consistently meet government regulations.

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How Product LifeCycle Management System Helps R&D Department Function

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Feb 16, 2024 8:00:00 AM

By Christine Dominski, ICCG Senior Business Consultant

Do you find yourself searching for Information through multiple Excel files? How about Teams or SharePoint sites? Do you struggle with managing approvals or reviews?

Maybe it is time for a Product Life Cycle Management System (PLM).

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process by which Research and Development innovate new products and manage quality throughout the product lifecycle to ensure the highest level of consumer satisfaction and shareholder value.

PLM systems wrap around Business Strategies and Product Portfolios to help coordinate information and collaboration across an organization. The process of generating product ideas, all the way to product retirement, can be managed in a PLM system. Manage Suppliers, Items (ingredients), Formulas (recipes), Label and Project information, all in one place. Record approvals at every step of the way to provide audit trails.

Product Lifecycle Management affords the peace of mind that all data is managed and reported as required by your organization. A PLM system allows you to control User access to the information as needed for your business success. Integration with ERP systems and a data lake are available. Use the data lake to feed E-Commerce initiates or other internal systems used for reporting.

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Independent Computer Consulting Group Adds Infor CloudSuite Supply Chain Planning System (SCP) To Its Solution Offering For Manufacturing and Distribution Verticals

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Feb 12, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Empowering businesses to execute intelligent planning and effective management of global supply chains, as well as optimize operations, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic marketplace.

Philadelphia, PA – February 6, 2024 -- Independent Computer Consulting Group, Inc. (“ICCG”) is pleased to announce the addition of Infor CloudSuite Supply Chain Planning (SCP), a best in class Supply Chain Planning solution from Infor to help manufacturers and distributors gain efficiencies through Demand Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, Production Planning and Production Scheduling and provide transparency in Supply Chain Management.

Infor Supply Chain Planning balances supply and demand through modular applications to tackle key areas of complexity while using a shared, powerful, end-to-end platform.

The platform provides solutions to help businesses with:

■ Demand planning and sensing

■ Supply planning

■ Production planning and scheduling

■ Inventory optimization

■ Integrated business planning (IBP)

■ Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

With mountains of data, fluctuating variables, and unavoidable constraints, supply chain planning is no simple feat. Infor Supply Chain Planning synchronizes the supply chain, helping companies make smarter, faster, and more informed decisions.

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Navigating The Winds Of Change: Unveiling Manufacturing Trends In 2024

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Feb 9, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In the ever-evolving manufacturing realm, few sectors witness transformations as swift and constant. The perpetual evolution of consumer preferences shapes the landscape, the consistent disruption brought by innovative technologies, fluctuating regulatory frameworks, and the regular transformation of business models. Adapting to these unceasing shifts in the market has become necessary, requiring organizations to embody a heightened sense of agility.

Andrew Kinder, Senior Vice President of Industry Strategy with our partner, Infor, recently described how we find ourselves amidst the most volatile and uncertain period in recent memory. In this environment of compounded uncertainty, agility is not just an ideal trait but an absolute imperative for maintaining competitiveness.

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Why PLM?

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Feb 2, 2024 8:00:00 AM

By Christine Dominski, ICCG Senior Business Consultant

Have you ever wondered if a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system is right for your business? Is the Business Value unclear? No matter the size of your business, a Product Lifecycle Management system can provide insights and discipline to a Company's process. Let’s provide clarity on the business value.

Standardize Business Processes – By understanding what makes your business tick, you can standardize the processes in a system to maximize efficiency. Once you maximize efficiency, you can realize a quicker time to market with new approval processes tailored to your needs.

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MUGA Conference 2024 - Empowering Infor M3 Users

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Jan 31, 2024 3:52:25 PM

ICCG is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at this year's MUGA Conference.  As a Global Alliance and Premier Infor Channel Partner, ICCG Consulting brings Infor M3 expertise and technological innovation to companies worldwide. Established in 1989, our mission revolves around addressing businesses' day-to-day challenges and providing them with intuitive tools and seasoned expertise to enhance efficiency.

Our Expertise:

With a laser focus on Infor M3, we specialize in seamlessly integrating technological innovations to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We aim to empower Infor M3 users with user-friendly solutions that facilitate real-time data access and updates across Infor M3 and other systems.

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Embrace The Future With State-Of-The-Art Warehousing Solutions

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Jan 26, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In this article, Infor's Jerry Beaston discusses how 2024 warehouse management trends include the expansion of more strategically located, state-of-the-art warehouses driven by the e-commerce boom.

It also highlights key trends in the global warehouse management market. As of 2022, the market is valued at $3.4 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19% from 2023 to 2030. The e-commerce boom has driven demand for advanced warehouses to meet evolving customer expectations. Key trends for 2024 include the expansion of warehouses, addressing labor shortages through automation, increased adoption of AI and machine learning, integrating immersive tech for employee efficiency, the impact of IoT on real-time data analysis, and the rise of cloud computing in warehouse management software. Companies that embrace these innovations will gain a competitive advantage in 2024. 

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Choosing A Successful ERP System For The Flooring Manufacturing Industry.

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Jan 22, 2024 11:00:56 AM

Choosing a successful ERP system for the flooring manufacturing industry involves considering industry-specific needs and challenges. Which are the top factors to focus on when selecting an ERP system for a flooring manufacturing business? We recommend starting with these:

Industry-Specific Functionality:

Look for an ERP system that offers features tailored to the flooring manufacturing industry. This may include modules for product lifecycle management, batch processing, quality control, inventory management (including tracking of raw materials like wood, tiles, etc.), and order management.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP):

MRP functionality is crucial for managing and planning the procurement of raw materials. Ensure that the ERP system can assist in optimizing material usage, managing inventory levels, and minimizing waste.

Product Configuration and Variants:

Flooring products often come in various sizes, styles, and configurations. Choose an ERP system that supports product configuration and handles variants efficiently. This is essential for managing different product lines and accommodating customization requests.


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Mid-Market Food & Beverage Industry Leaders.

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Jan 15, 2024 11:09:04 AM

Are you struggling to choose the right ERP software solution for your business? At ICCG, we know that selecting the right ERP system can make all the difference in the success of your business operations. When evaluating ERP solutions for the food and beverage industry, it is essential to consider key selection criteria such as:

  • Ease of use: A user-friendly ERP system can help you increase productivity, reduce training costs, and improve user adoption rates. Look for an ERP solution with an intuitive interface, customizable dashboards, and role-based access controls.
  • System customization capabilities: Every business has unique requirements, and it is essential to select an ERP system that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Look for an ERP solution with a flexible architecture, open APIs, and a robust third-party ecosystem.
  • Data security features: Protecting your sensitive business data is critical, especially in the food and beverage industry, where data breaches can result in severe reputational damage. Look for an ERP solution with robust data security features, including encryption, access controls, and regular data backups.
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