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The Impact Of Communication – Telling The Digital Transformation Story

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Jul 24, 2018 8:00:00 AM


By Carol Fitzgerald Tyler
Global Senior Practice Director, Organization Change Management | Infor

Challenging though it may be to create a vision that will transform an organization, it is crucial to effectively spread the message of digital innovation. Communication is often cited as the number one challenge for business transformation and change management. A strong communications strategy can lead an organization to a successful transform.  Leaders can encourage teams to innovate by communicating both the organizational vision and the acceptance of occasional failure. Companies with a clear vision are on average more effective in their efforts, and as a result, more profitable.

A strong communications strategy can lead an organization to a successful transform...

Organization Change Management

It is the responsibility of the leaders to paint the vision and show teams how best to stay the course. While there isn’t a need for lengthy speeches or emails, clarity and succinct mission statements are vital to leading the way. In a 2014 Forbes Insights article, 51% of executives cited support from leadership as the top reason for the success of their business transformation initiatives.

People want real time communications that are both timely and relevant, and people-centric engagement creates the basis for open communication. Messages designed to speak to the various organizational levels let people know that they are being heard and acknowledged. A strong communication strategy can create the vision necessary to show the transformation team and the entire organization, how to move forward. Setting a consistent vision is the first step in driving organizational adoption and change acceptance.

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