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Ten Ways Cloud Computing Simplifies Processes

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Oct 31, 2023 10:54:31 AM

As organizations begin to face post-COVID economic recovery, they’re finding that the new normal requires a new breed of software. Outdated solutions with layers of modifications and patched applications have become tangled webs, trapping organizations in decades-old processes.

Yet organizations know they need to update their solutions to stay relevant. During the global pandemic, we learned some difficult lessons about supply chain vulnerability that no one wants to repeat. We also learned that remote workers can still be productive if they have the proper tools in place. Now, more than ever, organizations are reexamining how work gets done and how processes can be streamlined. Automation is often the answer, and cloud computing offers the ideal platform under which this transformation can take place and even thrive.

Conquering business complexity


With built-in industry best practices and advanced capabilities, cloud solutions are simpler to buy, simpler to own, and simpler to run. This executive brief examines the urgency behind modernization as organizations attempt to bridge the deficit between those who accelerated digitalization in 2020 and those who paused initiatives. Read more to learn about ten key ways cloud computing helps organizations face today's business complexity.

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