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Managed Services Myths Debunked.

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Aug 10, 2022 4:13:04 PM

The fact is managed services are on the rise and in high demand by customers worldwide—and, with good reason. They are an ideal way for customers to get the on-demand expertise they need at a predictable cost. With Infor Managed Services, our goal is to provide customers the long-term support and post-go-live services that coincide with the double-decade lifespan they expect from their Infor application investment.




Four common myths about the value of a managed services solution are listed below.

  1. Managed services or SaaS, not both – Wrong. It doesn’t have to be a choice, one versus the other. It’s true that customers move to SaaS to reduce their system management tasks. However, they still have a set of application responsibilities once in production. Infor Managed Services can take ownership of those tasks to help make SaaS deployments more effective and evolve with the business — assist with new feature adoption, streamline business processes, and manage change.
  2. Managed services replaces customer IT teams – No. Infor Managed Services are designed to supplement IT teams, not eliminate them. Our customers are in control and they decide where, when, and how they need help in the on-going maintenance and optimization of their production application environments. We provide a single hand to shake, taking a proactive interest in your deployment and ensuring its success.
  3. Managed services are best for large organizations – Quite the contrary. Infor Managed Services are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses as these customers typically have limited IT teams and may rely on one or two key resources for everything. Infor Managed Services is global, has expertise across all industry solutions, and can meet off-hours coverage requirements, minimizing the complexity and burden placed on internal IT teams.
  4. Managed services are costly – Not when you look at the bigger picture. Infor Managed Services can save customers time and money through an integrated support model comprised of global teams that can scale with direct access to product support and development. Our managed services offerings are flexible and modular, meaning we can tailor a solution to a customer’s specific needs. We provide exactly what is needed to help you achieve business outcomes and maximize the return on your Infor investment.

If you’re frustrated with the time and effort it takes to retain the necessary expertise and resource capacity to keep up with the needs of your Infor application, maybe it’s time to consider Infor Managed Services. Our portfolio is designed to provide solutions that are right-sized to your needs — affording you peace of mind that your production environments are running at peak efficiency while alleviating budget strain.

And, as always, contact ICCG to help provide you with insight and information. Schedule a complimentary consultation to review your questions.

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