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Spotlight: IDC Analyst Connection Provides Guidepost On Digital Disruption

Posted by Harriet Schneider on Jun 16, 2017 8:43:53 AM

These are exciting times for manufacturing. Technology, operational innovation, and new concepts in digitization are changing the way we make and sell products and services. It’s a revolution, they say. And you can see it around you. If your plant isn’t already in the midst of a modernization project, you likely have one on the horizon. Or, you’re starting to plan and research your options, working at finding budget, generating buy-in from executives. 


But, these can also be overwhelming times. How can you sort through the volumes of information you find online or in your email? The data can be contradictory. Recommendations can point you in different directions. Where do you start?

Guideposts for research you can trust

  • First, start with independent third party analysts who don’t have a stake in the game. They aren’t trying to sell you something and have no vested interested in swaying your purchase decisions. There are research firms who offer advice which are impartial and can be trusted.
  • Next, turn to analysts and authorities that are highly respected, that have some longevity and a proven track record of sound advice.
  • Look for data, not opinions. Trust research that was conducted scientifically and represents a valid sample size and demographic.
  • Insist on relevance to your industry and products. Don’t try to compare apples to airplanes. If you manufacture industrial machinery, look to experts who know your field, your issues, pains, and potential.
  • Check timeliness. Data changes quickly in manufacturing and technology. Outdated data can lead you in the wrong direction.
  • And, lastly, look at the big picture, not just one tiny piece of the puzzle. Keep the broad topic in focus while you delve into details.

Here is a link to a piece of research that meets all of these criteria: “Digital Disruption in Industrial Manufacturing” is a new Analyst Connection from IDC Manufacturing Insights, authored by Heather Ashton, Research Manager and shared by our partner, Infor.

Read the blog and research.

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