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Wholesale Distribution Outlook: Your World Is Changing

Posted by Harriet Schneider on May 18, 2017 4:37:47 PM

Over the last few years, much has happened in the historically conservative wholesale distribution industry. Distributors are realizing that what drove their success in the past is not necessarily going to drive their success going forward.

The industry has gone global, has become more competitive than ever, and has grown increasingly sophisticated. The rise of social collaboration, the explosion of mobile devices, and other technological trends are reshaping the industry as we know it. A new generation of vendors and customers now expect to work the way they live, with access to information from any place at any time.

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As customer behaviors and needs change, distributors must have the flexibility to adjust their business practices in order to meet those changes. The next generation of distributors is quickly embracing innovative technologies to optimize daily operations and hone their competitive edge. And it’s not just about offering the lowest prices. Instead, it’s about finding ways to add layers of service to differentiate your business in order to build customer loyalty.

The top concerns for whole distributors are:

  1. Understanding customer needs;
  2. Modernizing your business;
  3. Getting on the eCommerce bandwagon;
  4. Managing a changing workforce.

To help distributors choose the right software in a rapidly changing market, this guide will explore a number of key technologies that are essential to any successful distribution operation.

Read the guide.

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